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It`s obvious that you all have landed on this page to get coupon codes which can help you get discount from Hostgator but for newbie bloggers, we definitely feel glad to share the complete process of using our HostGator Coupon Codes during your purchase from HostGator to avail you with maximum discount. For such newbies, The whole process of using HostGator Coupons is mentioned below in step by step process.


We all know very well, HostGator provides Shared Hosting packages in three plans – Hatchling, Baby and Business plans.

HostGator Shared Web Hosting Plans HostGator Shared Web Hosting Plans
HostGator Shared Web Hosting Plans

So, first of all you know need to decide that which plan you are going to buy. We recommend you to read full details about all the three plans and then decide which is the best plan for you to go with. As per our experience, we would like to share that Hatchling plan is the most basic hosting plan which allows you to host only one domain with limited features. This plan is best only for those who are starting their 1st blog and have no plans of owning more than one blog.

Baby Plan is the optimum choice among all the three plans. Bloggers and Website owners prefer this plan the most as its the most suitable and perfect Hosting Plan from HostGator that fulfills almost all the needs.

Business Plan is the best option for Pro Internet Marketers who need a Hosting Plan where they can host blogs or websites in bulk. This plan has the most features among the three plans provided.

Hence, Detailed Information about all the three plans is necessary for you to finalize which plan you should select and purchase.  So by now, we guess you have selected the most appropriate plan to purchase, thus it`s time now to proceed with your order and apply the HostGator coupon for maximum discount.

Step #1:

Go to HostGator Homepage and click on ‘Web Hosting‘ tab which by default directs you to the Shared Hosting Plans section of HostGator.

Select HostGator Web Hosting Tab.

Step #2:

Select the Plan you have finalized to purchase. [ The HostGator Coupon will be applied according to the plan selected by you].

Step #3:

In this step, you need to select that whether you want to proceed with an existing domain URL of yours or would you like to register a new domain along with the order. Once you`re done with filling all the required details, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find out “Enter A Coupon Code” section.

Enter HostGator Coupon Code to Get Maximum Discount
Enter HostGator Coupon Code to Get Maximum Discount

Step #4:

By Default, you will see “A coupon code” entered in the box which is provided by HostGator itself to turn visitors into customers. But This “Default Coupon Code” will not give you the maximum discount. So, in order to get maximum discount on your purchase, enter the HostGator Coupon Code shared by us according to the plan selected.

Step #5:

Once you have entered the ‘HostGator Coupon Code’, click on the ‘Validate‘ button to see how much discount you have got using our coupon code. You will see that by using our Hostgator Coupon Code, you will get maximum discount on your order and thus save you the most money.

Discounted Price after applying HostGator coupon
Discounted Price after applying HostGator coupon

Congratulations! As you have now got the maximum discount on your purchase. Feel free to share it among your fellow bloggers and website owners so they too can get maximum discount on HostGator using our HostGator Promo Codes 2018.