Why HostGator Is Considered The Best Web Hosting Provider

Why HostGator Is Considered The Best Web Hosting Provider. Web hosting can easily be considered the backbone of the World Wide Web as it is what we may call in literal sense the habitation of websites. Additionally, web hosting is the fundamental key of any successful website, especially one targeting leads for a commercial end.

The web hosting business can humbly take pride in running the world of the internet for it is through the web hosting services that online storage space along with web space to companies can be availed so that these websites are accessible to everyone across the globe.

These companies provide web page hosting services to clients on servers that can be owned or leased and these services may be small or large-scale. Large companies may require more than just database support. On the other hand, even while smaller companies might need little services, there are many small businesses out there. Now, let us get in to a little more detail about the type of web hosting services which will help you understand better as to why HostGator is considered the best web hosting provider. Founded in 2002, HostGator is one of the leading companies that provide web hosting as well as VPS hosting services, apart from dedicated servers. HostGator boasts of 99.9 %guaranteed uptime and 24/7 full tech support.

Why HostGator is considered the best Web Hosting Provider
Why HostGator is considered the best Web Hosting Provider

Web hosting can be shared, reseller, dedicated, virtual dedicated, managed or cloud. Shared web hosting is the basic form of hosting and can be quite flexible as far as the updates and software are concerned. In cases where the clients become web hosts themselves, hosting is known as reseller web hosting. The size of the reseller accounts may vary in their size depending on their individual scope of work. The structure of services provided by the resellers is quite similar to the one their host provides and often they have their own technical support as well. Let us move on to Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated Server hosting which basically comprises of distribution of server resources to virtual servers. The reason for virtualization could be many. In the case where the user has his own server with full access to the controls but does not own it, the web hosting is known as dedicated hosting. There are some other terms which one must know in terms of web hosting but what stand out is that the success of a web hosting service is measured by the availability of the website. This availability is determined in terms of that percentage of time annually for which the website is accessible on the internet. It should be noted that availability is different from the up-time of a website which is a measure of accessibility of the website in certain specific conditions.

Now when we know the basics of web hosting, imagine a company which provides all the services mentioned above and much more. That company is HostGator, a company that was founded in 2002 in a dorm room by Brent Oxley. HostGator has grown by leaps and bounds, thanks to its superior web hosting services and amazing technical support. It has over more than 12000 servers under its management after starting off with only three humble servers! It is no surprise that almost 1% of the world wide internet traffic is on the domains hosted by HostGator. All this and around 400000 customers around the world are a testimony to the exclusive and innovative services provided by the HostGator, which is why HostGator is considered to be the web hosting provider today.

Features and Pros:

  • The top priority of HostGator is providing best services at affordable prices. Its services are much cheaper as compared to many other web hosting service providers, but that notwithstanding, the services are top of the line.
  • The uptime is phenomenal. HostGator takes your business as seriously as you do.
  • 24*7 customer support so that you do not feel stuck or stranded at any time. HostGator is always there for you. No matter what your query is, the tech support at the hosting company is there always to ensure that your website is up and running always.
  • Unparallel server speed is the USP of HostGator.
  • Several packages are available to suit your budget requirements, so whether you are a complete newbie with one website or a full blown company with more intricate requirements, HostGator has something to offer to each and everyone.
  • It gives 45 days money back guarantee. In lay terms, this basically means you have more than a month to be satisfied with their products and services before you can fully come on board. HostGator assures you that your money will be safely returned back to you and with no victimization, if just in case you do not feel happy with their services, which is quite unlikely.
  • Premium plans of HostGator come with premium services like free SSL certificate, automatic malware removal and daily data backups.
  • You can migrate your existing website to HostGator, totally free of cost. Yes, the transfer cost on HostGator is zero.

We are here to give you a true picture. Nothing is perfect, but HostGator is close to it. There are some tiny cons of this hosting company.

  • HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting service providers, yet the support response, as expected is much quicker.
  • To some, HostGator may appear to be a little more complex than what it actually is. However, HostGator tech support is always there for its customers.
  • HostGator is affordable but not cheap. The amazing services do cost its customers as no compromise with the service quality and priority to customers business is the motto of HostGator.

The list of Pros over the Cons about HostGator is enough to warrant a recommendation for this company. Though there are many damning rumors about HostGator doing the rounds of the Internet, in my opinion, HostGator is highly affordable as well as reliable, a combo that is rare to find in the world of web hosting. The best thing about HostGator is probably their tech support. So you do not need to worry about your website because there is someone to fix up your problems for you. I would highly recommend it for all, be it single business entities or large companies seeking to expand their base and improve their online presence.

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